Course Questions

How long does it take to complete the training course? What will I receive after completing the course? Do I need special hardware or software to run this course? My videos aren\'t working. What should I do? What kind of Internet connection is required? Can I see the quiz, final questions and|or answers? Can I re-watch the Modules/Chalkboards? Can I print a copy of my receipt for the course? Can I print a copy of my Certificate of Completion? Do I need special hardware or software to run this course? Where do I Register to Become Certified and receive my Unique Identifier Number? Where do I Register to sit for the National Certification Exam?


What is the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners- NRCME? Why is the National Registry necessary? Who is impacted by this program? Are there any National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommendations related to the establishment of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners?

Medical Examiners

Who can perform FMCSA medical examinations for CMV drivers? What do I have to do to become a certified ME? How can a healthcare professional obtain more information about the National Registry? When will a ME be required to complete a training program? How do MEs find training and testing organizations? How will a ME know that a training provider’s program meets all of the National Registry requirements? Where will MEs go to take the test? Are ME candidates required to pay for the training and testing? If an ME candidate does not pass the test can he or she take the test again? How long will the ME’s Certification be valid? Do all medical examiners have to be certified? If I attended a medical examiner training course prior to the publication of the rule, does that qualify me to take the certification test? How will the exam be administered? What will MEs be required to do after they are added to the National Registry?

Are there any other requirements that a ME must adhere to after they are added to the National Registry?

CMV Drivers/Carriers

Is this program applicable to both interstate and intrastate CMV drivers? How is the driver medical certificate issued by a ME on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners different from the current driver medical certificate? Will the ME inform the State driver licensing agency that I have passed the physical examination? Will FMCSA transmit the medical certificate information for interstate CDL drivers to the State driver licensing agencies? How will an employer or enforcement personnel verify that a ME is on the National Registry? How will a driver/carrier find a ME? Will the medical examination reports be entered into the National Registry? If I lose my medical card, can I get a replacement copy from the National Registry? If a driver receives a medical certificate from a ME who is later removed from the National Registry for fraudulent activities, is the medical certificate still valid? What happens to a ME who inappropriately or fraudulently certifies a driver? I prefer going to my doctor for my CMV physical exam. Can I still go to him/her once this rule is implemented?

Training Organizations

What are the requirements for becoming a training organization for the National Registry program? Is there a specific training method that we have to use? Are there guidelines that training organizations must adhere to when developing the training for MEs?

Testing Providers

How do I apply to become a National Registry testing provider? Can a testing organization be declined? If so, why? As a testing organization, can I offer online testing for the ME certification examination? Can the testing provider also be the training provider?

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